Wire Mill BBQ (Georgetown) – It Ain’t Texas

DSC_4601Wire Mill BBQ is located just north of Wilton’s Cannondale and south of Redding is the small area known as Georgetown. This cute section of town has several restaurants and bars, and it is Wire Mill that is filling the air with the wonderful aroma of its two meat smoker. For those with the window closed, Wire Mill BBQ is located on Route 57 at the Interception of Old Mill Road and Main Street.

DSC_4598There are eight table outside on the terrace and you continue inhaling the smoke. So enticing that when I ordered the Three Sliders (one each of the pulled pork, brisket and pulled chicken), I also ordered a ¼ slab of baby back ribs.

DSC_4596The three sliders arrived, and the first item I noticed was the amount of meat on each bun. It was a meager portion, maybe one-ounce of meat. The bun was nicely grilled.

The pulled pork was my favorite. It was somewhat moist, with a hint of smoke, but otherwise flavorless. It needed one of the sauces. The brisket was probably 1 slice, cut into sections and placed on the bun. There was a little smokiness that stayed on the palate but also lacked any flavor and sauce was needed. My first bite of the chicken was favorable, it was the moistest of the three meats, but that was limited to the original piece. The other pieces were dry and again, the only flavor was smoke. The other issue with all of the sandwiches was the amount of bread compared to meat. Take together it was a mouthful of bread with a little meat. I finally removed the top bun and ate each open-faced. The sliders were served with a small cup of horseradish sauce, which was full of flavor, but I have no idea why it was included.

DSC_4597The baby back ribs looked delicious, but looks can be deceiving. They were incredibly moist, but again lack any flavor, barely able to taste any of the rub. Even the end piece of the slab, which was covered in rub, was almost flavorless.

Overall, as much as this is a cute place with great service and two smokers out back, it is not a destination place for BBQ.

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Preview of Dinosaur BBQ – Great Addition

BL Exterior“Twas the night before Christmas, and…

Sorry wrong post.

BL MenuWell it was the night before the official opening of Dinosaur BBQ in Stamford and I was fortunate to have my name included the list for this “Friends and Family” gathering. So with 200+ of my closest BBQ lovers, I wandered through the “stations” of beef, pork, ribs, and sides to see if the Q was as good as everyone was telling me. And with few exceptions, the food at Dinosaur BBQ was outstanding. And the items that did not hit a “10” I would chalk up to pre-opening execution.

BL Ribs 2For a quick overview of the items that we sampled.


Wings – As I serpentined through the maze, a server brought a small plate of wings, well actually one wing, with two sauces, BBQ and Buffalo. The rub had a nice kick to it, and dipping in either sauce was equally delicious. I am not a huge Wing Man, but I would definitely order some for the table. Add me to the wing convert group.

BL BrisketBrisket – Touchdown!! This won Best in Show for the night. The meat was perfectly smoked, and then they placed a few slices on a great roll. I added a touch of the spicy sauce on top to add to the already abundant flavors.

Pulled pork – The slab of pork sat on the steam-table as the crew removed the bark and then hand-pulled the meat. Then they formed a small mound, grabbed a bun and added a little sauce. Again the meat was perfectly smoked and was both succulent and delicious.

BL Ribs 1Ribs – Here is where the execution was not up to the standards of the other dishes. The slab the server cut my portion from had major problems. The bark was way too thick and the bones themselves were broken. It was next to impossible to eat, forget about picking up this portion. There was a nice dry rub and then a thin layer of sauce. The good news was the meat when you could get to it, was perfect. When I returned to snap the photos the other slabs looked perfect.

The Side dishes:

Macaroni salad with tuna – A cold version of the classic that brings back bad memories of growing up, But Dinosaur’s version was delicious; it had great flavor and offered a refreshing element to the spices that the meats carried.

Macaroni and cheese – This side was fantastic. It was creamy and full of flavor and to finish the portion they sprinkle a spicy and smoky dusting on top to increase the heat. The smooth and creamy cheese sauce and the spicy topping were delicious.

Fred Rice – OK I have to say, WHY? Why is a BBQ joint serving fried rice? But it was delicious, offered a totally different flavor profile than every other side and was full of flavor. Did it go with the BBQ, unfortunately I would not order this side on subsequent visits; it just was a confusing dish.

Cole Slaw – The cole slaw was very good, creamy and delicious and performed the task that cole slaw is supposed to perform with BBQ, add to but not distract from, the main course. The Dinaosaur BBQ did just that.

Corn bread – Like the cole slaw, not ups, no extras. It was right down the middle of I-95. It was a good was good, but not memorable


There was a ton of staff at the event, not sure how the servers will work out when there are tables and guests. They were all incredibly friendly, but will need additional training on the menu. With all of the beers offered they need to learn the basics and they could also use a little more training on the items that are offered. Darwin’s Theory will come into play and in a couple of weeks the staff should be fine.

Overall, I was very impressed with Dinosaur BBQ. It was not even officially open and it was already serving some of, if not the best, BBQ in the area. After years of Fairfield County being a BBQ Wasteland, we now have a bar that is high enough to be proud of.

Welcome to the neighborhood Dinosaur BBQ…I am glad you are here.

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