Lola’s Mexican Kitchen (STM)

Lola’s Mexican Kitchen is located in Stamford and a quick look through the menu indicates an enormous selection of fairly traditional Mexican fare.

Arrive early and hang at the bar munching on $5 specials that include flautas and chipotle guacamole or head straight to your table. Start your meal with a plate of nachos or a combination platter and then move to a salad that may include avocado or chicken. With eight different fillings for tacos, four different burritos and chimichangas, a slew of enchiladas, all available with a vegetarian option. Then the fun begins with the house specialties that include steak, gambas, chilies rellenos, short ribs or salmon.

I am looking forward to trying Lola’s Mexican Kitchen.

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Matsuri (Darien) – Sushi on the Post Road

Matsuri is located on the Post Road in Darien offering a full array of sushi, sashimi and other Japanese fare plus a few imports.

Start your meal with an Indian Pancake with curry dipping, fried calamari, Peking Duck or more traditional Japanese offering including tempura or negimaki.¬†The sushi options are enormous with tradition pieces, hand rolls and “Signature Rolls.”These hand-crafted, seaweed wraps combine numerous flavors and textures with salmon, eel, avocado, tobiko, and tempura options. Entrees include a wide array of options from General Tso’s chicken to pan seared duck breast with a red wine reduction…all very eclectic. Then finish the meal with ice cream, lava cake or tiramisu.

I am looking forward to trying Matsuri.

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