Darien Social (Darien) – Two Strikes

US cheeseburgerI really wanted to like this place from recommendations and when I walked in I had high hopes. My first visit was very weird and like a roller coaster. I sat at the bar near the server station and ordered a bacon cheeseburger with fries and shoestring onions. It arrived very quickly. My first taste was the onions and they were excellent, some of the best I have ever eaten so I was pretty excited. The fries were not in the same league, basic fries, very pedestrian. Now I moved to the burger. I cut it in half, It had a good flavor but there was almost a bitter, vinegary taste to it, the bun was a little stale and I noticed they forgot the bacon, so I told the bartender. Now the unfortunate situation I faced. I was sitting next to a complete oaf. He harassed all the female servers (I have two daughters in their 20’s and it totally pissed me off) at the service counter and the bartender did nothing (other then pal with the guy) and the male servers did nothing, either. I was embarassed for all of them. The runner returned with a plate with my bacon slices. (My preference would have been for them to take the burger back to the kitchen and finish their job), I never had a chance to combine and try because the oaf leaned over and in earshot of the bartender made an incredibly rude comment to the lady seated on the other side of me. The bartender again played ostrich and put his head in the ground. I got up, packed my jacket, (oaf leaned over and apologized to me) asked for the manager, and told him that if his staff allowed that sort of behavior to other members of his staff and to guests, then I was leaving. The manager was incredibly embarassed and told me he would wander over and if he heard anything he would throw him out. Hope he did. In any event I lost my appetite.

Trip number two was much more pleasant, professional and gave me another chance to try the BCB. This time it arrived fully garnished. And it was encased in a different bun than the first time, this bun was much better. Again the beef was full of flavor, but bitter, with that vinegary aftertaste . Not sure what it was but it really took away from the rich flavor of the beef. And the fries were again not to my liking, this time some of them were undercooked.

Would I return…probably, but at this point it is not on the power rotation.

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Farmer’s Table (NC) – Delightful Cuisine

Over the first year I have probably eaten everything Chef Robert has created. And everything is delicious.

The soups are the best, to the point that every time I return from a trip there is a container in my fridge since my family loves them so much. The favorites are the butternut squash, the mushroom (my wife’s all-time favorite), and the seafood chowder.

Really like the quesadillas and the three tacos are the best deal in town. The shrimp mojo is a big hit with the family .

And last but not least is the¬†Farmer’s Table hamburger. Using his brother John Boy’s meat, this burger is one of the best around and one of my Ctbites recommended in Fairfield County. Some melted cheese and a few slices of cornichon and this is woth its weight is gold.

leave room for dessert as the chocolate cake and the cheesecake are both fantastic.

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