Cafe Boulud (Palm Beach, FL) – Perfect in Every Sense

When a restaurant is perfect, just relax, enjoy, and file this incredible evening in your memory banks. And my visit to Café Boulud in Palm Beach was impeccable from the minute we approached the host desk until we exited 2+ hours later.

Located in the Brazilian Court Hotel on Australia, valet parking is simple and efficient. I knew to call ahead and ask for a table outside overlooking the courtyard and this is a strong recommendation, the environment is delightful.

For a table share, we ordered a plate of “Tagliatelle con Funghi” served with chanterelle ragout, soft pecorino pepato, and topped with a soft poached egg. The staff was efficient and brought three plates plus serving utensils. The pasta was prepared to al dente and then combined with the chanterelles. Sitting atop was a soft egg which, when opened, oozed creaminess throughout the dish. This pasta dish was fantastic.

As an appetizer I ordered the “Torchon of Foie Gras” with herbes de Provence gastrique, crushed hazelnuts, pickled blueberries, with a few slices of toasted brioche. The torchon was extraordinary, with a decadent smoothness and richness from the foie gras. The sweetness of the brioche was delightful and the surprise to the entire dish was the gastrique, which added a flavor contrast that was brilliant. My daughter and I swapped appetizers mid-stream and I also enjoyed the “Octopus à la Plancha” with white bean salad, burnt lemon, celery, and piquillo peppers. The octopus was served firm in texture, but not chewy and the accompaniments added both flavor and texture

I ordered the “Duo of Beef” for my entrée. This included a boneless, braised short rib, a few slices of seared tenderloin, a “cubed” pommes anna, spinach subric, with sauce bordelaise. The dish was a 40, as in four tens. The short rib was beyond fork tender, full of rich flavor and glazed with the bordelaise. The sliced filet was soft, delicious and mild in flavor. The cube of potatoes was actually a myriad of thinly sliced layers of potato formed into a cube and deep fried. But the highlight of the presentation was the subric, a spinach leaf wrapped around a spinach “mousse.” This dish was a mini-tasting menu in and of itself.

To complete this outstanding experience we ordered two of the desserts, the “Warm Upside Down Guanaja Chocolate Soufflé” with pistachio ice cream, plus an apple tarte with vanilla ice cream.  Both were incredible. The cake was liquid chocolaty heaven, and the ice cream was a perfect paring. The tarte was equally fantastic, sweet, complemented by the delicious crust and accompanied by a dollop of pistachio ice cream.

And if this was not enough, the chef sent lemon madeleine cookies, soft, crispy and topped with powdered sugar plus a plate of pastries, including one of the best macarons I have ever tasted.

Overall Café Boulud continues as one of my favorite restaurants in the world.

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