Bick’s Burgers (Danbury) – Outstanding Burgers & Fries

BL 1The burger at Bick’s is one of the finest in the area. The interior is NJ Diner from the 50-60’s with its four red and white booths and ten swivel bar stools overlooking the griddle. The base price of $6.95 rises quickly as you can choose from five cheeses ($1.25), eight sauces ($0.75), other toppings ($1.50) including three different varieties of onions, avocado, bacon olive tapenade, mushroom ragout or fireworks slaw, served on your choice of sesame, potato, house-made brioche or a truffle brioche.

BL 2I ordered my traditional bacon cheeseburger with American and caramelized onions on a brioche with umami ketchup. With a choice of either regular French fries or sweet potato fries, I asked for half-half on the fries.

BL 4The burger was outstanding. The meat delivered a deep, beefy flavor, the grind was loose and the patty was perfectly prepared with a char on the exterior and medium-rare on the interior. The onions were buttery soft and sweet, delicious, and the thick-cut bacon added just a touch of saltiness without overwhelming the meat. The cheese was melted and the brioche brought great buttery flavor in a soft and moist bun. The umami ketchup delivered a wonderful earthiness to the burger.

BL 3The French fries were hand-cut on the premises and were fantastic. They were crisp on the outside and soft and moist on the interior and the flavors were excellent. You do not need any ketchup to enjoy these fries. The sweet potato fries were very good, but compared to the regulars, well, I would order a full order of the regulars. If you want to add spice, order the Cactus ketchup, it has a great kick.

Bick’s is serving one outstanding burger.

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Sycamore Drive-In (Bethel) – Go for the Buzz

The Sycamore Drive-In is a throwback to the ages where teeny boppers listened to the Big Bopper and Elvis was too risqué. As you pull into the lot, don’t be surprised if you see a real T-Bird, a Vet or another souped-up car from the 50’s or 60’s sitting next to a hand built roadster.
Go inside and sit on a red vinyl covered seat, grab a menu and view what a diner meant fifty years ago. Eggs, pancakes, burgers, dogs, salads and specials. You almost expect to see a “Blue Plate Special” scribbled on a chalkboard to one side, but that would interfere with the life-sized cut-out of “the King.” And you would also expect a gum-smackin’ red-headed waitress in a poodle skirt sashaying up to the table for your order.
There is nothing special about the menu. I ordered a cheeseburger with lettuce and tomato, some fries and a root beer. The root beer was really good, but the rest was basic diner grub. The fries were frozen crinkles and the burger contained more iceberg lettuce than meat and cheese. As much as this is a relic and fun to visit the burgers are not that good. Go for the buzz not the burger.

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