Sakura (Westport) – Incredibly Disappointing

After reading all of the reviews we decided to try Sakura. The end result was a very disappointing experience…we left before ordering an entrée. We will more than likely return with friends in the Habachi side of the house, but we did not like the food on the regular side and it is now firmly on the NDR list.

On our first visit we decided to test the food with a few appetizers before committing to the entrees. The first to arrive was the Tempura, and it was also the best of the three we sampled. The order included three shrimp, a sweet potato and a piece of cauliflower. The breading was light and crisp and the interiors were soft and flavorful. It was served with a kitschy piece of fanned, tempura pasta, which should be avoided. The second appetizer we ordered was the Negamaki, a traditional beef wrapped scallion dish. The portion included the traditional eight pieces. The thinly sliced meat was ill prepared. Some were cooked well, while others were hard and overcooked. This was not an enjoyable dish, and we did not finish. The last, and worst of the trio was the Yakatori. Two chicken skewers sat atop the sauce. They were overcooked and inedible. I am not sure when or how they were prepared but they should never have left the kitchen.

Overall it was an incredibly disappointment hour we spent at Sakura. We decided to cut our losses, pay for the appetizers and go elsewhere. The good news…the next place was delicious.

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