Magee’s Curbside (Stamford) – Great BEC Empanadas

bl4I was scheduled for a meeting in downtown Stamford and decided to leave a little early to see if the raves about Magee’s Curbside were justified. Easy answer…yes.

bl2It is located on Magee Ave across the street from the car wash in a brightly colored building. There are several parking spots in front and to the left. The menu includes a wide range of choices from standard eggs, bacon, pancakes and sandwiches to a pulled pork combination. What caught my eye was the Bacon, Egg and Cheese Empanadas.

bl1When they arrived I was very impressed. Two large golden-crusted empanadas sat atop cubed breakfast potatoes and were drizzled with a pink sauce. Experience told me the filling would been incendiary so I started with a couple of the potatoes. They were perfectly prepared, outstanding, a little crispiness encircling a soft and creamy interior.  It was time to move to the empanada. Perfection. The crust was buttery and delicious and the creamy eggs bacon and cheese on the interior were perfect complements. I never thought I would think there was a better way than a bacon, egg and cheese on a roll, but this was much better.

bl3What a great combination. I only wish it were closer to my home or office.

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Rincon (Norwalk) – Visit #2 Also Outstanding

A little over a year ago I visited Rincon and enjoyed a trio of tacos that opened my eyes to a new level of Mexican street food. Over the last fourteen months I have told numerous people about Rincon…they serve the best tacos in the area. Last week another blogger suggested we meet for a few tacos and I jumped at the opportunity.

Located on Route 1 (heading east/north) in Norwalk in the same building as a catering hall, across from Kohl’s, there is plenty of parking in a lot just beyond the building. When I entered Rincon slightly before noon they were busy filling to-go orders…trays and tray of tacos were being prepared and the mega-burritos were in process, others were about to enjoy these culinary treats.

I ordered two tacos and two empanadas.

I started with the fish taco. After adding a squirt from the slice of lime I carefully rolled the double-tortilla in hopes of keeping the heaping portion contained within. The fish was perfectly fried, just a light coating and was joined in the tortilla with red onion and cilantro that delivered citrusy back-notes. It was bright, sweet and vibrant. The fish taco was fantastic. The pork taco was a totally different profile. After the brightness of the fish taco I was bolted back to the more traditional taco with spiciness and cilantro. The large serving of pulled pork was incredibly moist and flavorful and then the toppings added a great kick to the pork. There was a sprinkling of cheese on top that added a little saltiness and softened the spice. While totally different, both were as great as I remembered.

I next moved to the empanadas. Two large empanadas filled the plate, these were not two-bites and you are finished; like the other items on the menu, Rincon serves a real serving. I started with the beef. The crust was flaky, buttery and perfectly prepared. And the filling was incredible. The meat was moist with great flavors and a hint of spiciness. Then I moved onto the chicken and, like the beef, delivered incredible flavors and textures. I stated on numerous occasions that the tacos were the best I ever tasted…the empanadas might be better.

I learned a lesson today. When you find a go-to restaurant, go to it. If they make one dish incredibly well, there is a strong possibility the rest of the menu might also be outstanding. In the case of Rincon, the tacos are fantastic and the empanadas set a new standard and are definitely worth a trip.