Cask Republic (Stamford) – Beer, Bourbon, Whisk(e)ys and More

Cask Republic opened its second location in Stamford recently to expand on the popularity of its sister location in New Haven. Aptly named, the restaurant, well more accurately a beer and Whisky haven, features an enormous selection of beers on tap, and one of the largest selections of single malt Scotches in the area. The beer menu is as long as it is broad and represents almost every type of beer imaginable; included in the enormous beer selection are lagers, pilsners, bocks, ambers, browns, barley wines, Pale ales, India pale ales, wheats, whites, Belgians, porters, stouts, and for those varieties without a specific designation, EtCetera. Cask represents the candy store for beer aficionados.

For those looking for a little stiffer refreshment, Cask also offers an equally impressive selection of bourbons, ryes, Scotch whisky and whiskey. An entire menu is dedicated to Single Malt Scotches with over thirty different vintages offered.

The atmosphere is both relaxed and vibrant. Grab a table or booth with friends, meet new friends at the communal table, or chill in a lazy chair by the fireplace, Cask offers as many options for seating as it does beer and spirits.

The food is definitely the younger sister to the beer and spirits. Focused to pair with the beer and spirits, the menu includes cheese boards (8 choices), a few pizza combinations, plus small and large plates. Indulge in “Small Plates” ranging from “Kale Salad” with radicchio, lentils, cranberries, walnuts and creamy ginger vinaigrette to “Smoked Short Rib Meatballs” with IPA BBQ glaze and crumbled Maytag bleu cheese, to “Soy Glazed Wings” with jalapeno ginger-lime sauce to “Baby Surf and Turf” with tenderloin, shrimp, potato cake  topped with blue cheese truffle sauce. I really liked the Pork Confit Sliders, the meat was tender and the sauce delivered great flavor and if you see those on the menu grab a couple of orders for the table.

Larger plates are more limited and include a couple of sandwiches, “House Made Lamb Pastrami Reuben,” and a “Fork & Knife Sandwich” with thinly sliced short rib, cranberry aioli, gorgonzola, and caramelized onions, and more substantial options including salmon, steak and chicken.

Whether you are a beer and spirits maven, want to sample and expand your beer IQ, or show off and buy the table a round of $32 bourbons Cask offers something for everyone with a variety of food.

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