Brasserie at Bazati (O4W) – Some Spectacular Options

Our last two visits to Brasserie showcased some great options.

I loved the Moules Frites. The moules are some of the largest I have ever eaten and they were cooked to perfection. The dish now includes chorizo and pork belly and the use of brandy in the broth. Each of these modifications from the opening version. On the first visit two of us enjoyed as an appetizer and on the second I ordered it as my entrée. This is easily the best version I have ever eaten. And let’s not forget the frites, they were perfect. This dish was easily a 10+.

In my opinion the chef nailed the flavor with the Salmon En Papillote. While the first attempt was served raw, the kitchen did a great job in bringing the fish to the requested doneness without a fuss. The fish included a lot of vegetables and a fresh profile that I kept reaching across the table to “sample” different parts of the dish. I will also give this at least a 10+.

The Bronzino was large, seasoned properly and was absolutely delicious. The fish was succulent with a great seasoning and charged on the outside for just a touch of crunch from the skin. I give this dish a 10.

The Roasted Mushrooms were simple and allowed the earthiness of the mushroom shine. A nice selection of wild mushrooms was served in a dish and were quickly eaten by all. I would have liked just a touch of salt or thyme to add some complementary flavors. I give this a 9 and the others at the table a 10.

We also ordered the Eggplant Hummus, which was smooth and delivered a deep, earthy flavor. I really liked the dish and can give it an 8.

The Duck, which was served with roasted turnips, carrot puree and orange sauce was not to my liking. The duck was too gamey for my taste, a little tough to cut and chew and the turnips were not fully cooked. I did like the puree and orange sauce. I think this dish needs a little revamping. Likewise I was not a fan of the amount of pureed black garlic in the gazpacho, while I was told it has been a big seller.

The manager was incredibly professional and helpful through a few issues and they are still training the staff on the level of service quality the management wants.

Overall, we really liked Brasserie and it is definitely on the power rotation.


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