Flakowitz vs. Bagel Twin – Clear Winner is Flakowitz

Each visit to Florida entails several visits to Flakowitz, and I have grown quite fond of their novey, creamed herring and bagels. This year when we arrived my MIL informed us she ran out of time and went to Bagel Twin for round #1. I was not as fond of the selections, but let me just describe the differences, since this cuisine is very much subjective and incredibly subject to very forceful opinions.

Novey – I found the novey from BT much saltier and the slicer was less than careful. The slices were long (some approached close to12”) and the thickness ranged from medium to way too thick. I prefer thinner slices about 6” so a simple fold-over covers a bagel half.

Herring in cream sauce – Two points. The herring was more pungent at BT and the texture was firmer. The tail end of each filet was very tough. The cream sauce from BT is also much thinner and less flavorful that Flakowitz. The onions from Flakowitz are also a little sweeter. To fully enjoy the full flavor of the Flakowitz herring it needs to sit in the container for 24 hours for the flavors to meld, BT required at least 48 hours.

Cream Cheese – I give a push to the difference. The Flakowitz is a little easier to spread, but both were excellent.

Bagels – Even though the name is Bagel Twin, I prefer the bagels at Flakowitz. I actually prefer the bagels at the place on the northwest corner of Jog and Boynton Beach Boulevard.

Given my choice, I would definitely choose Flakowitz over Bagel Twin.



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