Japango (Delray Beach) – Quantity versus Quality

This restaurant is located in the mall on the corner of Lyons and Atlantic and extremely convenient for pre- or post-movie. We were seeing the 700 show and reserved a table for 530. The menu is quite large with pan-Asian cuisine, from Pad Thai to Curries to sushi, plus a few items that added other influences.

For my appetizer I ordered the tuna pizza and the chicken Pad Thai for my entrée, described on the menu as chopped tuna, shallots, avocado and veggies on top of crispy tortilla with wasabi cream, eel sauce and wasabi tobiko. The combination had decent flavor, nothing to write home about but a middle of the road combination. To call the crust a crispy tortilla is a stretch, it was more the bottom half of a foccacia.

For my entrée I ordered the Pad Thai; rice noodles stir fired with chicken, peanuts, bean sprouts and egg in a sweet, tangy sauce. When it arrived it floored me with its size. There was enough for two, possibly three people to share. There was more than a pound of noodles smothered in a sauce that is best described as borderline awful. The flavor was much too sweet and the texture was grainy. The was a teaspoon of crumbled peanuts on top of the mountain of noodles. This was more quantity than quality. I tasted one of my companion’s maki, this too was borderline horrible. The sushi rice was flavorless, no vinegar at all and the fish was not much better.

Service was exceptionally friendly, almost as if they understood the low prices reflected the “get what you pay for” theory.

Overall, I would definitely take a pass on Japango, buy a bigger bucket of popcorn in the theatre.


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