Boothbay Lobster Company Truck Rolls into Stamford’s Harbor Point

Boothbay Lobster Company is opening its first bricks and mortar location at Harbor Point in Stamford in the upcoming months. To give the community a taste of what to expect from super-fresh Maine lobster, the company is periodically parking its Boothbay Lobster Company truck 100 yards down the street from the restaurant, serving two types of Lobster Rolls, a BLC sandwich, Lobster Mac & Cheese, plus a few non-lobster items. On a beautiful afternoon CTbites visited the truck to sample the newest addition to the Harbor Point neighborhood. As I approached the truck I noticed a sign stating that the lobster were caught the previous day…this was an ultra-fresh product.

The cooking and serving truck was joined by a second, which acted acting as the portable inventory for the visit. On its opening day the week before, they were so overwhelmed with customers that their anticipated 10-hour stay was shortened to under five hours when they ran out of product. On this second visit, they assured numerous people on line that they brought plenty of food for the full afternoon and evening. The menu offers two varieties of Lobster Rolls, each priced at $16. The first was a “Downeast” (recommended by the owner) that included chilled lobster and mayo and the second was a “Connecticut” (my choice) that offered warm lobster with butter. I did not order, but the truck also serves a BLC (bacon, lobster and cheese sandwich), Lobster Mac & Cheese and a Grilled Cheese sandwich, plus a side of Potato Tots and a Whoopie Pie dessert.

    I first sampled the Connecticut. It contained large chunks of both claw and tail meat, lightly coated with salted butter and served on a griddled Martin potato long bun. The meat was perfectly cooked to maintain the lobster flavor and the texture was soft and not chewy at all. I was very impressed. I next moved to the Downeast. There was a scant amount of mayo, just enough to hold together the lobster meat. The owner was correct, the Downeast was fantastic. The major difference between the two was the Downeast delivered a hint of the ocean’s mild saltiness while the Connecticut’s saltiness was that of the butter. They were both served with cole slaw, which was basic shredded cabbage+ and Cape Cod potato chips.

Overall, Boothbay’s Lobster Rolls were delicious. I would recommend the Downeast over the Connecticut, preferring to taste the mild saltiness of the ocean versus the saltiness of the butter.

Check out their Facebook page for times and dates the truck will be on site.


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