World of Beer Opens at Harbor Point

World of Beer opened in Stamford and is marketed as a dream for people who love beers. The chain now stretches from Reston, VA to this newest location and by offering a tremendous selection of beers, wines, cocktails and bar food, plus numerous TVs and live entertainment this could be a great way to spend time with friends and family. There are fifty beers on tap plus over 500 more in bottles, from local CT brews to those rare batches from the far reaches. For a different choice, they also offer Artisan cocktails. Two examples include a Gin Jam comprised of gin, simple syrup, berry jam and freshly macerated berries. For a change of pace they offer a beer-cocktail that combines the best of both worlds, such as their MargarIPA, a traditional margarita topped with a touch of IPA and then a squeeze of lime.

While the sheer volume of beers may be overwhelming, World of beer offers patrons I-Pad menus…technology meets brew master as each allows for searching, sorting and selection by numerous functions. Not sure which beer to order, opt for a 4-flight for $10 that include varying choices from Drink Local, Spring Seasonal, Intro to Hops and one that I hope they delete after the World Cup results, a Tour of Belgium.

Food options are limiting and described as Tavern Fare, “a celebration of the senses that enhances the flavors of our craft beers and craft spirits…a contemporary interpretation of classic comfort food, bar traditions, and innovative culinary trends.” Ranging from an enormous pretzel to rings, wings, sandwiches, tots and salads, very basic companions to the main event.

As Harbor Point continues to expand and attract other restaurants, it will be interesting to see how this beer-focused institution fits in. Will it be the pre-event for Paloma and Fortina or a successful stand-alone go-to spot to hang with friends? For the beer connoisseur this will be the destination spot in Stamford.

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