Barrique Bistro & Wine Bar (Stamford) – Delicious Bistro Fare

photo 4Barrique Bistro and Wine Bar opened several months ago in the location that formerly housed Jean Pierre restaurant and continues to offer incredibly delicious bistro fare, plus other southern European cuisine.  The décor is relaxed and reminds you of dining in a bistro on the streets of Paris.

The “Escargots” with garlic butter were encased in their shells, brimming with garlic butter, served with a traditional escargot holder and a small fork. Removing the escargot from the shell was difficult as the escargot were very deep within and I finally decided to cut the shell in half. Once removed, the escargot was beautifully prepared, mild in flavor and were complemented by the garlicky butter, which was not overpowering. This was a nice way to begin Le Diner.

Another fantastic appetizer was the “Wild Mushroom Risotto” with white truffle oil. The Arborio rice was perfectly prepared and maintained just a small amount of “bite” on the interior. There was a nice selection of mushrooms, including cremini and oyster that added earthiness, and the reduced stock was creamy and delivered a delicious complement to the rice. I highly recommend this dish.

The roasted “Organic Chicken” was served atop a mélange of baby arugula, fingerling potatoes, cherry tomato, and finished with a drizzle of Balsamic. The chicken was crisp on the exterior and wonderfully moist on the interior. The sweet tomatoes offset the peppery arugula and the balsamic added a fantastic layer of additional flavor. This is a great roasted chicken. The “Organic Salmon” was a simple and pleasant rendition with artichokes, fingerling potatoes, carrots, and wild mushrooms. The large filet is more than enough for a hungry appetite and he accompanying ingredients made for a bright a delightful dish.

The “Skirt Steak” was served with cipollini onions, wild mushrooms, charred asparagus, and finished with a Bordelaise sauce. The steak was a large portion (it filled the entire diameter of the dinner plate) was prepared to my requested medium-rare (another steak at the table ordered medium and serve very rare needed a re-fire). The steak was rich in flavor, and the Bordelaise sauce was delicious with the onions and mushrooms and the deep flavors of the meat were paired perfectly with the sweet onions.

For dessert the “Crème Brulée” and the “Chocolate Mousse Cake” were both delightful. The Brulee was incredibly creamy, and the crisped thin sugar topping was the perfect proportion. The cake, from Matthew’s Bakery was outstanding. Thick layers of cake and a fair amount of filling were fantastic. Both of these desserts are highly recommended.

Overall Barrique Bistro and Wine Bar is a relaxing restaurant, offering delicious bistro cuisine. Bon Appetit.

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