Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza (Darien) – Well Done = Burnt

After a couple of attempts to eat the pizza, I am throwing in the towel, raising the white flag and moving on.

After living through an event at another restaurant in town where a drunk patron caused an enormous scene so I left I drove to ACF for a pizza. As a solo, I sat at the bar, ordered a soda and a pizza. When it arrived the first thing I noticed was the char, or should I say burnt crust. This is acceptable with certain Neopolitan varieties, but this was not the answer. Then I lifted the crust and the entire bottom was charred black, no Itake that back it was burnt.

This was not something I wanted to consume, so I called the bartender over, showed it to him. His response, he pointed to the sign and said “It says right there we make our pies well done.” So I asked for the check, paid and went on my way.

A manager did approach and offered a replacement, but with staf like the bartender and the kitchen staff I decided to call it a night.

Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza on Urbanspoon


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