Fairway Market Opens – A First Look

After a couple of months, there are quite a few items in the mega-store to be excited about. Others are not so great and a few are bit perplexing.

Smoked fish – This is a welcome addition to the area. Prior to Fairway there was little choice in novey and the herring options were non-existent. With a half a dozen choices of differing smoked salmons, white fishes, white fish salad and smoked herring in cream sauce, this is my new go-to place.

Bagels – these are made throughout the day and are a perfect companion to the smoked fish.

Fresh fish – Most of it is fresh while other choices look like they should be retired.When you find a good-looker, grab it, but be picky about some of the others.

Butcher – As much as the meats look great, the flavor has been disappointing. I love the deep rich flavor of meats, while those I have sampled at Fairway have been mild in flavor. The filets have been a disappointment to everyone who has tried.

Deli – Fairway carries an enormous selection of meats and salads. Prices are in line with other groceries. The item that bugs me the most is their pricing policy. A lot of items are priced per quarter pound. Why? It gives a false sense of price, and this is a bad practice. A spanish ham will have $8 as the price but that is per quarter pound sitting next to a Boar’s Head that is also priced at $8, but for a full pound. Why not be transparent?

There are tons of cheese, oils, bulk foods, pastas, pickled vegetables, organics, plus all of the items in rows and rows of shelves. Most prices are a little high for the area, but worth the one-stop convenience.


Fairway Market on Urbanspoon


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