Colony Pizza (Stamford) – Great Bar Pie

What I like about Colony Grill are very straightforward. They know who they are, do not try to be something else and they serve a great pie.

My favorite is the hot oil, and adding a few extras is a really fun way to make great flavors even better. The cheese and sauce are very pedestrian, so add the hot oil, pepperoni, sausage and sweet peppers.

The concept of the pie is simple. Spread the dough into a rimmed pan, add sauce, cheese and topping and bake. The result is a pie with no outer crust, with the sauce and toppings going to the edges. After cooling, carefully grab a slice and enjoy. I really liked the dough, which was thin, crispy and was a great way to start the pie.

The pepperoni on each of my visits was flavorful with just a touch of heat, the sausage was flavorful with a touch of heat, nicely seasoned, and I liked the sweet peppers, but the meatballs were not in the same class, just some tossed ground meat.

Overall his is a great pie, not a true Connecticut apizza, more a well-done bar pie. Grab a few beers, enjoy the ballgame and have fun with your buddies.

Colony Grill on Urbanspoon


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