Brasserie Bazati (Inman Park) – Strong Appetizers

Brasserie Bazati opened last October and has outgrown the initial pains that many have described on the internet. With a great location overlooking the Beltline, this will fast become a destination restaurant, once a few of the dishes improve. The room is wonderful, with 30’ ceilings, plenty of room between tables a small nook-bar in one corner and both high and low tables to choose from.

French Onion Soup with cave-aged gruyere cheese, sherry and crouton –  The broth was deep and rich with flavors, but it was a little salty. It was joined in the crock slice of bread and the gruyere cheese. Neither overwhelmed the soup and onions. I really liked this soup. I give it an 8.

Mussels Moules Frites – herbs, shallots, white wine, butter, garlic. Probably the perfect bowl of mussels. The broth was rich and the chef is not shy to add a lot of garlic, which was great. The mussels were cooked to perfection, plump and moist and not a single “closer” was in the bowl. It was served with a great piece of bread to sop up the extra, plus frites which were also excellent. I give this a 10.

Trout Meuniere with sun choke purée, Brussels sprouts, brown butter, lemon, capers, micro-greens –  I ordered this because the manager highly, highly recommended the dish. I should have trusted my gut and ordered a different item. This is not a brook trout dish but a steelhead trout dish, more aligned with a wild salmon. I always wonder where the fat ends of the filets go, since I was served the tail end. The best part of the dish was the sun choke purée, full of flavor. Unfortunately, the fish was a little overcooked, just to the point of beginning to dry. The was little, if any, lemon on my dish and a scant few capers. The Brussels sprouts were very good. I give this dish a 5-6.

Crème Brulée – Served in a traditional low dish, the crème was ultra-creamy and the topping was just the right thickness, not too thick and gave a little crunch and sweetness. I would definitely recommend this as a nice ending to the meal. I give this a 9.

Service was excellent. Our server knew the menu cold, gave recommendations and was present throughout the meal.

Overall, I really liked the restaurant, the service and most of the food. I would pro


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