Burger Review: Prime Burger in South Norwalk

Are you looking for an inexpensive burger for lunch? Maybe some fries and a soda to join the burger? If they are all offered as a lunch special, even better. With my obsession with burgers, and my annual Best “10” burgers in southwest Connecticut behind me, I decided to try the moderately priced, newly opened Prime Burger in SoNo. Located next to The Spread, one of my Best “10” burgers, the SoNo location is the second in the area, after the original opened in Ridgefield several years ago.

Prime Burger offers beef, salmon, turkey, chicken and veggie burgers from $6.50-$8.00 with free (sauces, onion, lettuce, tomato, etc.) and $1.00 toppings (cheese, chili bacon, etc.), a la 5-Guys. The menu also includes hot dogs, grilled cheese, chicken tenders and salads (you can add a patty or grilled chicken). If you enter from the street your journey begins near the rear, where you place your order. I ordered the $10 lunch special, which included a cheeseburger, fries and a beverage. I was asked how I wanted it prepared and I smiled a little as I asked for it medium-rare. I was handed a tall number to place on my table and an empty cup. For first timers, instead of heading towards the front where all of the tables are located, the beverage dispensers are further into the restaurant and the napkins, utensils and condiments are also deeper into the space.

I carried my utensils, napkins, ketchup and iced tea to a sidewalk table and within five minutes my burger combo arrived. It was déjà vu to Shake Shack. The wrapping on the burger with the turned back edges, the burger itself, the crinkle fries and the tray (bright red at Prime). I tasted a few fries. They were perfectly cooked, very crispy on the exterior and soft on the interior, but they were very basic. A first taste of the meat was a little disappointing. It was juicy, but very bland, plus there was no seasoning at all on the meat, and it was prepared a little beyond medium. The bun was soft and the cheese was well melted. I added some ketchup, salt and pepper and this added the flavors I was looking for. Overall it was a decent burger and fries, and I reminded myself this was a $6.50 burger, not double or triple that price as many of my “10” burgers.

My overall impression is best described in a Q&A.

  • Is it a good burger? Yes.
  • Is it a great burger? No.
  • Is it worth the price? I would say yes.
  • If I am in the area would I choose to have a quick lunch? Probably yes.
  • Would I go out of my way to go to Prime Burger? Probably not. (Since it is open until 3AM on Fridays and Saturdays this answer may differ depending on the day and the clock.)
  • How does it compare to Shake Shack or 5-Guys? Much better than 5-Guys and not as good as Shake Shack.
  • Best part? The fries.
  • Next time? Would definitely add the $1 bacon for some saltiness and maybe some free grilled onions and grilled mushrooms.

Prime Burger

74 North Main St. – Norwalk 203-831-9500

449 Main St. – Ridgefield 203-431-3000


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