Sunset Grille (St. Thomas) – Great Potential

Up and down a winding road to this off the beaten path bar-restaurant at the Secret Harbour Resort serving some pretty good food. It is divided into two areas, a bar with tables and a separate dining room overlooking the water. We decided on the restaurant side and the eight of us were seated at a very quiet table.

For my starter I decided on the Conch Chowder. It was a true chowder with lots of vegetables nestled in a broth. It was delicious. The broth was light (bacon would have really elevated the broth) with a good amount of flavor. There was a scant amount of conch and it was more a vegetable chowder than a conch chowder, but it was still delicious.

I chose the Seared tuna for my entrée. The sesame crusted tuna log was sliced and fanned over juliennes of three peppers, green, yellow and red. A smidgen of edamame puree and a finger full of mango gastrique joined the tuna on the plate. A separate plate of soy, wasabi, pickled ginger and rice was part of the presentation, sorta a do-it-yourself sushi. The tuna was perfectly prepared to rare, maybe very rare, which was perfect for me. It was rich in flavor, but was screaming for a complementary flavor. A little wasabi and ginger plus a dip in the soy created a delightful combination. I am not sure why the chef included the mango and edamame, first because it was less than a ¼ teaspoon of each and second, it was a completely different profile than plate #2. But the one bite that included the mango and tuna was outstanding, and a larger portion of both in lieu of the soy-wasabi plate would have created a delightful presentation.

For dessert we decided to share an order of pineapple upside down cake and an order of cinnamon bread pudding. I thought both were good, not great. If you are looking for a powerful end, then order the pineapple and if you are a big fan of cinnamon, the latter.

Service was spotty. During the order process our server was spot on then he was the invisible man. Several times we needed to go to wine bucket and bring the bottle back and pour our own wine. Since we were 8 people the 20% was already in the bill so there was no incentive for anything other than minimal service.

Overall it was a fun night with very good food. Would I return? Absolutely, it is St. Thomas not NYC and for the island it was a wonderful location with pretty good food.


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