Pirate’s Bite (Norman Island) – Great Place for Lunch


After a less than enjoyable lunch on the Willy T last year (no we were not expecting much) we decided to return to Pirate’s Bit this year for lunch. After docking the boat we wandered over to the newly rebuilt building and grabbed a table overlooking the water.

There were several large boats docking and we ordered quickly to stay ahead of these impending large orders. Even with our haste, the wait for the food to arrive was over 30 minutes, just a head’s up that you can easily plan for two rounds of drinks prior to the food’s arrival.

I ordered the grilled pork sandwich. It was served on a baguette and was delicious. It was accompanied by a spicy sauce and slaw, that added a nice crunch to the sandwich. French fries accompanied the sandwich and they were perfectly fried.

Service was excellent.


Overall it was a wonderful lunch on the beach on Norman Island on our way to the Soggy Dollar.




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