Matsu Sushi (Westport) – Airy Feel and Plenty of Options

Matsu Sushi is located a block south of the Post Road at 33 Jessup Road. Sitting behind the glass front is a large open dining area, with a similar sized menu featuring an array of Japanese style dishes. The interior space is delightful, and takes advantage of high ceilings and an indoor waterfall.

Known primarily for its creative sushi, sashimi and rolls, Matsu also offers small and large plates.

A quick survey through the menu indicates the traditional sushi choices include selections from salmon to uni, plus a few cooked selections with per piece prices ranging from $2.50 to $6.00. Order by the piece, or order most of the selections as a roll. For those looking for a simple combination roll or hand roll, Matsu serves numerous options including eel, shrimp, soft shell crab, smoked salmon, salmon skin, avocado, cucumber, topped with an eel sauce, tobiko or masago. And the chefs of Matsu show their creativity with several “Fancy Rolls” that offer combinations that include King crab, lobster, soft shell crab, fried oysters, blue crab, shrimp tempura, tuna, salmon and spicy tuna. And for the adventurous, sit at the Sushi Bar and enjoy an Omakase dinner for two and let the chef guide you through a full dinner.

For those looking for a larger entrée, Matsu offers Teriyaki, Negimakis, Tempuras and Katsus with numerous meats and seafood. Likewise, there are over 15 different Hibachi dinners that include soup, vegetables, a salad, plus fried rice or noodles. And lastly there are several udon or soba options to warm the guests in colder times.

Matsu Sushi has been a mainstay for the sushi minded for almost ten years. Whether you are looking for a platter of sushi or sashimi, a hibachi dinner or a bowl of Udon or Soba, Matsu offers each of these in a clean and bright environment.

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