Don Carmelo’s (Norwalk) – Not Very Good

BL Tacos 1
Don Carmelo’s is located in the same building as Subway and next to the Mobil Station on route 136 south of exit 16 off 95. Parking is located behind the building. You can chose to sit at the bar or grab one of 20+ tables inside or if weather permitting sit outside and watch the traffic pass and people fill their cars with gasoline.

The menu on line is an exact replica of the menu I received. It is quite extensive and allows for plates of individual choices or you can choose to create your own combination. I was looking for a taco lunch, and ordered three soft tortilla tacos ($12), one each filled with steak, pork and chicken. Ordering as a combo includes rice and beans.

BL Chips
As I waited, the server brought a plate of chips with salsa, green and red sauce. The salsa was very good, freshly made and full of flavor and the two sauces were both spicy and clean. I was hopeful for a good plate of tacos.

When they arrived I had a different feeling. The 6” tortillas were each topped with grilled meat and a couple of cubes of avocado, nothing else. A little mound of chopped cilantro and a handful of diced onions accompanied the tacos. A separate plate contained half rice and half beans, sprinkled with a little cheese.

BL Taco 2
This feeling was confirmed with a bite of each of the tacos; they were not very good. The pork was nicely prepared to maintain its juiciness, but had zero seasoning, and the steak was also cooked properly with just a dusting of seasoning. The polar opposite was the chicken that was overcooked and over-seasoned. A few bites of each and it was time to leave, no need wasting calories. The rice and beans were nothing special, basic rice and beans.

Overall it was an incredibly disappointing visit with the food at Don Carmelo. The area has numerous place to enjoy some fantastic tacos, unfortunately Don Carmelo’s is not on my list.

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