Ferris Acres Creamery to Open April 8th

April 8th at 11:30…Mark your calendars

It’s getting close to that time of year ago…Ferris Hill Creamery’s 2014 opening is just around the corner. Would you believe that anyone is looking forward to eating frozen confectionery delights while being surrounded by ice, snow and the forecast calling for more wintry precipitation? But I like to think of the sunny days when you wait on line, look at the tons of flavors to choose from, place your order and enjoy the best ice cream in Connecticut.

Ferris holds special memories for me in 2013. The day before my shoulder surgery my wife and I made our final 2013 trip to Ferris Hill for a 3-scooper for me with hot fudge. Then the day after my surgery, a great friend drove to Newtown and filled her ice-filled cooler with close to twenty different 2-scoop delights and brought them to my house. For the next two weeks eating one of these containers was my evening activity and it increased the dexterity of my other arm and forced me to think out of the box on the process for eating. Why would anyone go to such lengths? The ice cream is fantastic.

Included in this little bundles of joy were the following flavors:

Ali-Oop – chocolate ice cream with fudge swirls and brownie bits;

Bada Bing – chocolate almond ice cream with chocolate chunks and Bing cherries;

Campfire – vanilla ice cream with fudge swirls, graham cracker pieces, and mini-marshmallows;

Cherry Vanilla – vanilla ice cream with maraschino cherries;

Cow Trax© – vanilla ice cream with swirls of peanut butter and caramel, with mini-chocolate chips;

Elvis’ Dream – vanilla ice cream with peanut butter, banana pieces and dark chocolate chunks;

Raspberry Swirl Chunk – vanilla ice cream with raspberry swirls and dark chocolate chunks;

Route 302 Chocolate Moo – chocolate ice cream with fudge swirls and lots of dark chocolate chunks.

So with the countdown now under one month, get ready for the trips to Newtown and Ferris Hill for the best ice cream in CT.

Ferris Acres Creamery on Urbanspoon


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