Kotobuki (Stamford) – Fresh, Basic Sushi Bar

Located in a small storefront on Summer Street in downtown Stamford is Kotobuki. Enter the restaurant and you can choose from several tables or wander to the back of the dining area and sit at the sushi bar. After several visits over many years, I would recommend Kotobuki as a place to enjoy very basic,but very good and fresh sushi, and in the end fresh is good.

The miso soup is full of flavor and really warmed us on a cold winter night. The fried dumplings were very small, one bite per dumpling but really good flavor.Some my think both are a little on the salty side.

The rolls (eight piece per) are very small in diameter, may 1″, tasty but I wanted more fish in each. Most of the choices contain “spicy” with a couple of combinations that I have never seen on any other menu, i.e. a Betty Roll. The menu also includes a la carte sushi and sashimi selections, the price on the menu is for 1-piece sushi. Each piece is large, the tuna and unagi were very good.

Overall, Kotobuki is a quick place to grab some fresh sushi.

Kotobuki Japanese Cuisine on Urbanspoon


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