Jfood’s Top 10 Bar Burgers – Greenwich to New Haven #9 Prime 16

Yesterday the first of the Top-10 was published with old stand-by Louis Lunch grabbing spot #10, and today, a second New Haven favorite makes the list.

Over the last year I sampled over over 60 burgers in search of the best Bar Burgers and Best Restaurant Burgers. And since May is National Hamburger Month, I will countdown the best of the best from Greenwich to New Haven.

Each of these was sampled and enjoyed and not just a description from their website.

NUMBER 9…BL Prime 16

Prime 16 (New Haven) – Prime 16 served an excellent bar burger, 100% organic and humanely raised ground beef cooked to my requested medium-rare. Even though the meat was compressed, it was a large patty, delivered excellent flavor and was juicy throughout. There were two thin slices of bacon that added just a little saltiness and the soft brioche roll was the perfect choice to encase the patty and added a little sweetness. The russet fries were very good but I would recommend the sweet potato fries, which were excellent, some of the best I tried.

Go to CTbites and see the entire list:


Prime 16 on Urbanspoon


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