Jfood’s Top 10 Bar Burgers – Greenwich to New Haven – #10 Louis Lunch

Over the last year I sampled over over 60 burgers in search of the best Bar Burgers and Best Restaurant Burgers.


Louis Lunch (New Haven) – This institution is still serving a great patty using its patented vertical flame grills from 1895. You can ONLY order cheese, onions or tomato, served on toasted bread. The beef was excellent, great flavor and nicely seasoned. The cheese was well melted and the toast held it together. The tomato and bread were not in the same league as the incredible meat, but the historical claustrophobic ambiance and its inclusion on everyone’s “Burger Bucket List” gave Louis the #10 slot.

BL Louis lunch

Apologies for the poor photo. Impossible at the table with so much pushing and shoving.

Read the entire Top 10 List at:


Louis' Lunch on Urbanspoon


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