MF Sushi (Inman Park) – Why Do I Keep Going?

I sometimes question why we keep returning to restaurants. Is it the food…the service…the panache? Or just a relentless desire to prove they can do better. MF Sushi is one of those restaurants that you know can do better, yet they cannot seem to get out of their own way in one or aspects of each visit.

The latest two issues were the host(ess) and the size of the nigiri. On the last visit we were punished with the rear room and they told us we needed to request the sushi bar room when we reserve. This time I did, not only specifying the room, but also stating I did NOT want the back room. When we arrived, they immediately took us to the rear room, while the front room had only one table occupied. We politely asked to be seated in the room we requested.

The server this time was top notch. She knew the menu, was polite, the food arrived as expected and she was pleasant throughout. The food was very good, but the size of the nigiri was minuscule, borderline embarrassing. The scant amount of wasabi confirmed the chef was punishing us for something. Was this the result of our desire to eat in the room as requested? Do not know.

While the food was excellent, the overall experience is making it difficult to return.

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